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Our response to those Facebook comments… The truth about Wuuff is here

You are probably reading this post as you had seen and commented to our Facebook post.

Thank you for your valuable comments. It helps us to understand your concerns and thoughts. After all, we are here for your success. We will respond to all comments sincerely if they are sincere as well. We will choose to delete comments that make false accusations (based on false beliefs or ignorance). We will also delete slander. We do all this as we know you would do the same if you were in our shoes.

Value first

We believe in providing value for both the breeders and the puppy buyers. Wuuff could have decided to build just a regular, old fashioned classified website in one language: English. But we know that the world has already overtaken this a long time ago in many other areas of our everyday lives.

Look at how we all communicate on the same platform in different languages: Facebook. Look at how we all book hotels in one platform but in many different languages and places: Booking.com or AirBnB. These are just a few examples of how small the world has become. Our habits and purchasing decisions have also changed. Before we would commit to buy something, we want to read other people’s ratings and reviews. We love to rate services and products. We love to express our opinion by leaving a comment (this is what you see in the comments above and why you left one too). You rightly feel entitled to express yourself openly and from the comfort of your own home.

Dogs are family

We very well understand that dogs should not be sold like products or be treated like hotel reservations for that matter. Most of you probably agree that the dog world is very traditional and the people involved in it are very reluctant about any changes. Ethical breeders love their puppies, take great pride in their work and have strongly held beliefs, which they do not like to compromise.

This is why it is so hard to modernize how purebred puppies find their new home. However, currently available solutions leave puppy buyers taking too much of a chance. Since they cannot gather all necessary information for their lifetime decision in one place, they go back and forth between many websites and get lost along the way. Often, they end up with the wrong choice. This is why we designed a website where puppies can be advertised in more detail, and where reputable breeders can set themselves apart from others by including more information about their puppies, the parents and also about themselves. A person interested in a particular breed has the benefit of objectively comparing one dog to another before speaking to the breeder.

We feel the classifieds or even Facebook are not the right platform to introduce quality Breeders and puppies. Their value is the high traffic (Facebook has other values too) which we will move beyond.


Because most importantly, Wuuff is about trust. And trust is created firstly through the level of information about a dog on our site. And secondly this trust flows from our payment and ratings system, which are unique to the dog buying world. The aim of being able to pay online is not about us receiving payment, but about you receiving security.

This is true for both buyer and you as a breeder, since both parties get what they want. You now have a guaranteed payment, and the buyer can trust that they will receive the puppy just as they saw online. And crucially it takes away the worry, as a buyer will no longer be hesitant about choosing you. For you this makes the whole process easier, as the buyer trusts their choice. And a happy customer, leads to a great review for you, which will mean more dog lovers looking at your pups.

Thank You!

We started just 9 months ago and there is a long journey ahead of us. We started off in Hungary and chose Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as the next step in our international expansion. The results have far surpassed our wildest expectations. And we are very grateful for our Russian speaking users for their positive reception. We will have a few more steps in Europe before we set foot in the United States, which is the home for such platforms as ours. These marketplaces are a part of millions of everyday lives.

I would be honoured if you were a part of our success and therefore your success. But I also accept and understand if you just want to see from the sideline who our site will be used by millions.

Sincerely Yours,

Sandor Fagyal

founder of Wuuff

ps. stay tuned as additional valuable services for breeders will be launched before the end of this year.

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