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Shelter? Rescue? Responsible Breeder?

A guide to your Puppy Choices “We just want a nice, healthy puppy, no need for any papers, or show titles…” Right! You are beginning your search for a dream puppy, diving into all those options and...

Our mission: helping you to choose a puppy responsibly

Why? Because every dog deserves to live in a loving, healthy environment and to get all the care they need from their breeder, so they will become the perfect fit in your life. The responsible breeders on the other hand, deserve more recognition and trust. That’s why we’re here.

We work tirelessly to create a safe, reliable and transparent network for you, the Wuuff Community. This way Wuuff can provide enough knowledge and information for people looking for puppies, thus encouraging responsible dog ownership.

Our Blog is at Your service, to guide You on the way.

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