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7 Behaviors To Observe In Your New Dog

7 Behaviors To Observe In Your New Dog

Who doesn’t love dogs? So, if you are a new dog parent? Or planning to buy a new one. Then you have landed on the right page. Just like humans, it’s difficult to understand dogs too. But you need not worry. Just by observing them keenly, you will gradually learn about your pet life. All you need to have is patience and observation skills. It is very simple; dogs try to converse to you through their actions. Their actions and behaviors are directly connected to their health.

To have a great bond with your pet, you need to understand them. It is not rocket science; you can master the skill easily. And here we are to tell you, seven behaviors to observe in your new dog.

⦁ To chase it away

Dogs have an inner urge to chase any objects that move in front of them. They chase people, flies, moving toys, etc. This chasing action may be dangerous to them when you are not around your dog. To avoid such things, you need to train your dog from the puppy stage.

Train your dog to come near you only when you call them. This way they will behave well, even when you are not around them. You can use a harness while taking them for a walk.

⦁ Chewing uncontrollably

New puppies have a high tendency to chew things they come across, because of the developing tooth. The teeth growing will put them with an urge to chew actions. You need to continually check your dog when they chew things around. They could end up hurting themselves. Get chewable foods like those from pet life for them to indulge during growing years. If the chewing goes uncontrollably, meet a vet doctor to clarify things.

⦁ Crazy sounds

Dogs converse with us through sounds. They make many sounds like barking, growling, or Whine. Each sound is the conversation of something to us. They make sounds when they are happy, sad, or even when they feel anxious. Try to concentrate on the sounds they produce. You can easily differentiate their sounds over time.

Whenever they make sounds, look around them, to check if they are fine. Sometimes, they may be anxious. At such moments, try comforting them.

⦁ To Jump up

Dogs jump up whenever they greet a new person. They may jump up even when they meet you after a long time. Though jumping is their way of emotion, it may be dangerous sometimes. Whenever they jump, don’t encourage it. Just fold hands and avoid the action. Move away from them. Wait for a minute and then move towards your dog. This way they will understand and won’t try jumping.

⦁ Anxiety

Is your dog close to you or your entire family?. If they are close only with you, it needs to be addressed soon. If you happen to leave your dog alone, they might develop separation anxiety. Make sure you let your pet get along with everyone in the family. This way, they will feel comfortable with everyone around them. Whenever you arrive or depart, don’t show your love immediately. Pause for some time and then react, this might help them to cope up with anxiety. Start communicating better, tell them you will be back while going out.

⦁ Those pleading eyes

We fall so much for dogs when they give innocent looks. This might happen when they ask for food or toys. But don’t fall for their looks. Your extra care might put them in trouble. Excess eating will easily lead them to digestive problems. Have a regular check on the amount of food they consume. It will maintain their adequate health. Follow a time feeding method. Consider a proper diet plan and feed your dog thrice a day. You can even make sounds, to indicate them it is their food time.

⦁ To Bite

Though dogs have biting habits, they don’t do it unnecessarily. If your dog is often showing bite actions, it may be a sign of their insecurity or predatory action. If it goes beyond control, consult a vet doctor immediately. If your dog tends to bite you, make a high pitched sound as if you are hurt. It will in turn make your dog think about it. They won’t repeat trying to bite people.

There are many more behaviors of your dog, which will be difficult to predict. Most notable behaviors are mentioned here. No one is a pro at the beginning. It may take time for you to start noticing your pet’s behavior. Spend more time with your pets, respond, and analyze their actions. With time, you will easily understand them. Sure they will become your best friend soon.

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